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Five years ago a group of governance and anti-corruption scholars and experts created the Centre for Promoting Transparency, or Shafaf, with the goal of increasing transparency and accountability in government. Shafaf uses independent grants to promote anti-corruption advocacy through both the intellectual study of corruption and the practical application of anti-corruption principles. We work with academics, the media, and civil society organizations to encourage adherence to treaties, conventions, and policies that result in greater transparency and openness in government.Shafaf believes that accountability, transparency, and open government can significantly reduce corruption. By adopting process standards that ensure accuracy in reporting, and conducting business in a way that is subject to review by the people, government becomes more transparent and accountable. This reduces opportunities for corruption.When the people demand accountability, the government will—eventually—make its actions more transparent.  At the same time, international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are demanding more accurate information in financial reporting for backing loans and grants.  Shafaf was created to help the public demand for accountability and the institutional demand for truth in reporting.  Our goal at Shafaf is to provide the academic tools that will promote both discussion and transparency.  These tools include scholarships for individuals, learning resources for academic institutions and assistance to civil society, media and watchdog organizations.


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